For decades, Unicity has created science-based products to help us achieve better metabolic health. Using the latest advances in clinical research, Unicity has designed LC Base. When used in conjunction with the Unicity Nutrition principles, this product helps our body be in the fat-burning zone, return to a state of metabolic flexibility, and better overall health.

LC base is a premium quality supplement providing an ideal ratio of healthy fat, muscle building protein, and low carbohydrate.

Scientifically-designed to aid in activating your ability to burn fat for energy, LC Base offers a subtle vanilla flavor, perfect for layering with additional Unicity products.

Why does LC Base contain so much fat?
In addition to having no insulin response, fat digests more slowly than carbohydrate and aids in satiety – helping you feel fuller, longer. Research shows that by consuming healthy fats the body is trained to better utilize fat for energy rather than glucose, becoming more metabolically flexible. Fat is a macronutrient that is essential for overall health, as well as a major source of energy. Fat helps the body absorb certain vitamins and minerals needed for a healthier body.

Are these products suitable for use on a ketogenic or similar diet?
Yes. Because these products were formulated to be low in carbohydrates, you can feel confident in adding them to your diet plan.

Is LC Base a “meal replacement?”
LC Base can be used as a replacement for a meal though it may not be called a “meal replacement” on the package. We encourage a balanced nutritional profile by adding other Unicity products.

Do I need to make dietary changes if I use these products?
These products are specifically formulated for use with our Unicity Nutrition Principles: Prioritize Protein, Fuel with Fat, Control Carbohydrates, and follow the 4-4-12 guideline for eating.

Do I have to count calories or have a strict macronutrient tracking system to be successful?
The simple answer is no. It is important to note that calories are not inconsequential. If you increase your fat intake without making any adjustment to carbohydrate intake or increase your fat intake too drastically, it is possible that you won’t achieve the goal of accessing stored fat for fuel. As long as you are not overeating, and follow the Unicity Nutrition Principles to prioritize protein, fuel with fat and control carbohydrate you will likely find the need to count calories unnecessary.



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