For a coffee lover, a hot cup of aromatic coffee that awakens the mind and senses is what he looks forward to every morning. Now, regular coffee has limited health-enhancing benefits, because when roasting the coffee beans, major benefits that a coffee bean in its pure form can provide, is deprived of it. This means that a regular coffee that one drinks, which has only roasted coffee beans, cannot provide the full benefits that are loaded in coffee beans, in its natural form, which is green. Athletes have always been known to consume green coffee bean extracts to enhance their sports performance.

Unicity Bios Life Coffee Mix has the right combination of green coffee beans extract and roasted coffee beans, which means you get the health benefits from green coffee beans and also the rich taste and aroma from the roasted coffee beans. Along with the benefits of coffee beans, Unicity Bios Life Coffee Mix has extracts of Shiitake mushrooms, which has been proven in Chinese medicine to have a wide range of health benefits. It helps to fight obesity, aids in destroying cancer forming cells, supports cardiovascular health, and also supports in boosting energy and brain function.




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