Post COVID impact or I can say after pandemic I hear many stories where people complain […]
image: pixabay I had a friend, Pramod. He was an early riser and used to go […]
Whatever stage of life you may be at, or whatever may be your career, there are […]
How many people around the world suffer from procrastination? I would say at least 90% of […]
We have all been through a lot this past year and a half. There have been […]
Sadly, many targets of bullying seek approval from others, but what’s really bad is that the […]
“I am complete” -Idil Ahmed Happy new year lovely . Don’t go into this year thinking […]
A lot of lists of foods to boost your energy contain items that you are unlikely […]
Quote by Katie Reed Did you know that engaging in self-care will help you lead a […]
Here’s the thing: It’s NOT OK for people to treat you badly. It really is that […]